These are some of the most asked questions in our web. If you want to ask something, please click on “contact us “, placed on the main page.


FAQS about Oasis Bonsai Store.

Who runs Oasis Bonsai ?

To answer this question, we recommend you to visit our section: “ About us”, on the right top part of the main page.


How do I sign in?

You will find the button “Log in or Create account” in the top right part of any page. Clicking there, you will access to the next page, where you will be able to enter your first and last name, email account and password. That’s all you need to create your Oasis Bonsai account.


How do I buy a product?

Our costumers will have two options to purchase any of our items. You can both buy it from the item own page, clicking on the button “Buy now”, or select a lot of items by clicking on “Add to Cart”, and pay all of them together. It doesn’t matter which option you take.

Once you are about to pay, the website will show you a little popup page. This is where you’ll provide us, Oasis Bonsai, your shipping address to send you the products. It will ask you to log in, or give an email account as contact information.

You will be able to continue clicking on “continue shipping”. By doing this, you will see a page where you will be able to change any of the data provided, apart from the shipping method.

Then, you will continue to the payment by clicking on “Continue to payment”, where you will have to select the payment mode, the billing address and the “Remember me” option. After that, you will be able to click on “Pay now”. That’s how easy it is to buy on our page!


What happens if Oasis bonsai runs out of any product of my chart?

We work very hard to avoid this kind of problems. However, if this happens, we’ll try to solve this problem by sending an email in the account you’ve given us (just if you allows us to do that). If this is not possible, we’ll be forced to send you your order without that specific product.



Faqs about delivery.

How much does the shipment cost?

Oasis Bonsai offers its products with a small shipment cost of 3 USD, just for those items that cost less than 40 USD. From 40 USD, shipment is free. You’ll only pay for the product you’re looking for. No taxes or shipment costs are added to your bill. 


How long does the delivery take?

Oasis Bonsai delivers all around the world. This means that the delivery time is exposed to numerous variants. Usually, it won’t take more than four weeks. Two weeks are, approximately, the time it will take for an item to reach its destiny.


How can I check my delivery state?

When products are bought, they start to move towards its destiny. Once this happens, our costumers will receive a tracking number (which will be sent to the email account they would have given to Oasis Bonsai). With this tracking number, any guest will be able to locate and know, at every moment, its product state.


Are deliveries made all around the world?

Oasis Bonsai aims to share their products all around the world. That’s something we stand out above our competitors. We send our products anywhere. However, in those rares cases where we find any problems, Oasis Bonsai will personally solve any problem with the costumers.


FAQs about incidents


Do you have customer service?

Oasis Bonsai is really worried about the satisfaction of its costumers. Due to that, we solve any problem that any costumer could identify. To do that, the only thing necessary is costumers to send us an email. They will receive an answer, personally written (we don’t believe in automatic answers or pre-established messages, unlike our competitors do), that will explain which steps we must take to solve the problem.


Are refunds possible? What’s Oasis Bonsai Return Policy?

Oasis Bonsai guarantees the refunds of the products bought in the store. To get the refund of one product, our costumers will  have to send the product to an address which will be given (costumers will have to assume the delivery cost of this second delivery). Once this is done, and it is checked that the product is not what our costumer bought (may be because it’s broken, or just because our costumer regrets buying it) Oasis Bonsai will give the payment back to the costumer. To do that, costumers are provided with 10 days since the day of the delivery.

However, you can check our return Policy clicking here.